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Savings & Investments

Starting Out: In today’s financial climate getting into the habit of saving can make all the difference. Savings give you the security of having a pot of money to fall back on if the unexpected happens - such as losing your job or having to make costly repairs to your home or car. Savings also help you achieve our goals such as going on holiday, a deposit for your dream home, a dream car or ensuring you can send your children to university.

It’s never too late to start saving. A little, often, can make a big difference to your financial security. There are many different options available to you which can help to grow the value of your savings. From low risk savings accounts such as bank accounts and ISA’s through to high risk products such as stocks & shares ISA’s, OEICs and unit trusts, there are ways to save which will suit everyone.

Existing Savings & Investments: Should you have already built up a savings pot it is important that you continue to monitor what your savings & investments are doing in order to make sure that they will still achieve your future goals. Did you know that many kinds of savings accounts will provide you with an initial interest rate for a fixed period before dropping to a lower interest rate? Did you know that over time the asset mix of your investments can change in such a way that the investment is no longer investing in areas that are appropriate to your goals?

Regularly assessing your portfolio of savings and investments can ensure that you achieve the goals that you originally aimed for while making sure that excessive risks are not being taken within your funds.

Through a financial consultation TB Patterson Associates will identify the right savings and investment strategy by understanding your current financial situation and future goals. Your adviser will gain understanding of your situation by assessing your income, expenditure, financial goals and attitude towards risk.

It is always important that you fully understand and agree with any recommendations that are made. At TB Patterson Associates we pride ourselves on providing financial advice in a clear jargon free manner without any pressure to follow our recommendations.